Must-Have Foods for Your Football Party

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Football season is finally here! You might not be able to throw a large party, but you can still enjoy the finger food. Here are the top five snacks you’ll need to fully enjoy the games.

Chips & Dip

There’s nothing like the crunch of chips with the salty, deliciousness of cheese, salsa, or guacamole dip. No football party is complete without a big bowl of chips that you mindlessly garnish with the dip of your choice. If you don’t have anything else, make sure you’re stocked up on chips and dip.

Buffalo Wings

Batter some chicken wings and drumsticks, deep fry them, and toss them in hot sauce. Or pick up your phone and order a few dozen from your local wing place. Nothing screams “football and fall” like a bowl of hot, spicy wings dipped in ranch or bleu cheese dressing. All that protein is balanced nicely with some celery and carrot sticks.

Potato Skins

This snack takes a bit more work if you want to make it at home. But slices of potatoes smothered in cheese, bacon, and scallions hit the spot every time. You might need to spend some time boiling and scooping potatoes, but this football dish is worth all that effort.

Pigs in a Blanket

You can make pigs in a blanket easily by wrapping small sausages in puff pastry. Stick them in the oven until they puff up and they’re golden brown. Serve these snacks with colorful toothpicks to give them a fun twist. But if you want to use your fingers, these pigs will taste just as good.


Slices of pizza are easy to eat and great for the next morning. This cheesy snack goes great with a cold beer and you can also dip the crust into extra wing sauce. The best thing about pizza is that all you need to do is pick up the phone or turn on your computer to have it delivered to your home.

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