Most Common Disasters on Thanksgiving Day

woman using fire extinguisher on oven fire
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Not surprisingly, the most common disasters on Thanksgiving Day have to do with food. Makes sense, right? The entire holiday revolves around stuffing yourself to the point of delirium, which makes you ready for indulging in mass consumerism the next day (or the same night). So what can you do to avoid some of these food-related disasters?

Mise En Place

This French term means “put in place.” Before you start to bake, cook and mash, get all your ingredients and supplies out. Make sure your recipe book is easily accessible and the oven is preheating. Like with any large, complicated task, making sure that all the essential ingredients are in place is the secret to success or, at the very least, avoiding disaster.

Take Care with Deep Fried Turkey

Talk about disasters, dropping a 15-pound turkey into boiling oil is a job for a pro. Be careful.

Taste Your Food

Cooking is often an example of real-life chemistry. Except you get to taste the food you’re cooking, unlike in a chemistry lab. To avoid making stuff that is under or over seasoned, taste your dishes before serving them. This simple step sounds almost too simple, but you’d be surprised at how much it pays off. If you make a bowl of mashed potatoes, take a bite to see if it needs more butter or salt before letting your guests dig in.

Keep the Animals Away

Our pets love Thanksgiving food just as much as we do. Keep the animals out of the kitchen and dining room to avoid a “the dog ate the turkey incident.” It might seem a bit cold and heartless, but trust me, Fido will be fine and it might even save you a very expensive trip to the vet.

Just Order Out

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal is hard work. If it’s stressful to the point where you’re losing sleep and not enjoying yourself, order out! There are plenty of places to buy pre-baked and pre-sliced turkey. You can also pick up pre-made mashed potatoes and cranberry jelly in a can. Holidays are a time to relax, not stress out about food.

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