What’s the Deal When Traveling to Tijuana?

map with thumbtack on Tijuana, Mexico

Tijuana has a bad reputation in the press, but it’s actually safer today than it was 10 years ago. It’s an area that is heavily patrolled by border patrol, so if you stick to the right areas, you’ll be okay. Practice Common Sense If you’re in New York City, would you open up your wallet […]

Top 5 Beaches in the Continental US

It might be November, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend the holidays bundled up indoors. Pack your bathing suit, head for a warmer part of the continental US and enjoy the surf. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 beaches you should visit this winter. Miami Beach, Florida Also known as the […]

How Vacationing Has Changed in the Last 30 Years

Traveling the world is a piece of cake these days. Thanks to the smartphone we have maps, translation apps, travel tips, banks, and tickets available at our fingertips. However, if you go back 30 years, traveling was much more difficult. Plane Tickets Today, buying plane, train, or bus tickets is as easy as “open the […]

Top 5 Destinations on the Equator

When you visit a country that has the equator running through it, you get to do cool things in a hot climate. For example, you can put one foot in each hemisphere. In any case, you’ll get lots of sunshine, perhaps burn a little or get a dark tan, and you can explore the natural […]

Explore All Taiwan Has to Offer

Taiwan is a small island off the coast of China that is the only Mandarin-speaking, fully democratic country. Because Taiwan never experienced the Cultural Revolution, many Chinese traditions still thrive there. So, if you’re fascinated with Chinese history and Chinese culture, head to Taiwan to get the full experience. Night Markets No surprise, one of […]

Little Known, but Great US Island Destinations

Islands are crowded places that tend to get overrun with tourists every summer. It may seem like there’s no quiet corner of the world anymore, but that’s far from the truth. There are still many islands available for you to visit, they’re just not as well known! And that’s a good thing. Guam This island […]

Where is Prague and Why Is It Such a Popular Destination?

Are you ready to travel, digitally, to a new place? Let’s check out Prague! Where And What Is it? Prague is a city in the Czech Republic, in Central Europe. It’s the capital city and the 13th largest in the European Union. Due to its location, Prague has been and continues to be influenced by […]