Trump and Mnuchin Discuss Easing Small Business Loan Restrictions

Following a Monday meeting with restaurant industry executives, President Donald Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that they will look to ease some restrictions on emergency small business loans related to the coronavirus crisis. Small business owners have argued that time-sensitive restrictions on the loans are overly-stringent, considering coronavirus-related shutdowns have lasted far longer […]

Sanders Endorses Biden, Both Promise Unity Against Trump

In a joint live-stream Monday afternoon, Senator Bernie Sanders announced his endorsement of and partnership with former Vice President Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic nominee for president. Just days after announcing the suspension of his presidential campaign, the Democratic-Socialist from Vermont made clear that Joe Biden had his unambiguous support in the ongoing election, which […]

Tax Deadline Delayed Until July 15th

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has announced that the tax deadline has been delayed from April 15th to July 15th. This decision is a part of the stimulus package being put in place to help people cope with the economic strain caused by the spreading coronavirus.  Who does this deadline apply to? The announcement, which was […]

Why Do Many Politicians Use Only Their First Name?

Bernie. Mike. Tom. Cory. Amy. Marianne. Tulsi. Beto. Julián. Pete. While it may sound like roll-call in a Kindergarten classroom, the above first names have all been used on official presidential campaign materials. But there’s nothing new about the practice. Lincoln built his image in the 1850’s as Honest Abe and Eisenhower campaigners in the […]