House to Vote on Historic Marijuana Bill that Could Ease Federal Prohibition

gavel sitting on top of marijuana leaf

Nearly every state in the union has legalized some form of marijuana use, either for medical purposes or for recreation. Just this Election Day, four more states legalized recreational pot, joining eleven others (plus DC) that have already made the move. And soon, the U.S. House of Representatives could vote to loosen national restrictions even […]

Five Little Known Black Political Leaders

History, as a discipline, is not only a matter of observation. It is also the art of organizing information about the past into understandable narratives. African American history is often told through the big names such as Fredrick Douglass, Rosa Parks and Dr. King. And while these leaders deserve our attention and admiration, understanding less […]

Top 5 Corporate Contributors to Biden Campaign

Given the immense spectacle that is the road to the White House, campaigning in the U.S. in an incredibly expensive endeavor. But it’s important to take note of who is financing a political campaign, as it can shed light onto who has a candidate’s ear, and where a potential president’s priorities lie. This is a […]

Trump’s Taxes: Key Takeaways from the Bombshell Report

On Sunday, The New York Times released a bombshell story born of a massive investigation into President Donald Trump’s taxes. Trump has historically been coy about his taxes. He’s the only major presidential candidate since Richard Nixon not to make his tax returns public during his campaign. Since 2016, Trump has claimed that he is unable to […]

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Lifelong Champion of Equality, is Dead at 87

The nation continues to mourn the loss of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died Friday only two months after announcing that her pancreatic cancer had resurfaced. She was 87. Born to working class Jewish immigrants in Brooklyn, Ginsburg would go on to break every boundary imaginable, first as one of only eight female law students […]