What is Your Sore Throat Trying to Tell You?

A sore throat is a symptom of many diseases, illnesses, and conditions. Finding out the reason for your sore throat can help you clear it sooner. Some may require a doctor’s visit; others only need a touch of TLC. Viral Infection (Cold/Flu) One of the first signs of a cold or flu is an itchy, […]

Most Common Disasters on Thanksgiving Day

woman using fire extinguisher on oven fire

Not surprisingly, the most common disasters on Thanksgiving Day have to do with food. Makes sense, right? The entire holiday revolves around stuffing yourself to the point of delirium, which makes you ready for indulging in mass consumerism the next day (or the same night). So what can you do to avoid some of these […]

5 Varieties of Drinking Water

water bottles with no label

Mineral. Spring Well. Purified. Distilled.  It seems the vocabulary for describing bottled water is endless. But is there really any difference between the various forms of bottled water? In this post, we’ll take a look at the different sources and chemical make-ups of drinking water, so you can finally understand what you’re actually consuming. Mineral […]

Top 5 Natural Stress Reducers

It’s no secret that people are feeling the stress these days. But chemical cures to stress often come with loads of undesirable side effects. So if you’re looking for some natural stress relievers, here are our top 5. Meditation Buddhist monks have trained themselves to calm their hearts and minds for years. In fact, some […]

10 Reasons why you’re always hungry

Feeling hungry all the time makes it difficult to concentrate on more important things, like paying attention at meetings, finishing projects, or studying for a test. If you’re feeling excessively hungry all the time, it might be due to reasons other than not eating enough. Let’s take a look at the top 10 reasons why […]

How Different Moods Affect Your Health

The things that make our lives colorful and fun are our emotions and our moods. But, for some people, they can also make life unbearable. Learning how to manage and cope with mood can help improve your quality of life. Some studies have even shown that certain moods are more conducive to learning and memorization. […]