Low Carb Pasta Substitutes

Zucchini pasta topped with meatless walnut cauliflower bolognese. Top view table scene on a rustic wood background.

Pasta is delicious, but full of carbohydrates. This nutrient is important for people who do high-cardio exercises such as long-distance running. But for the average Jill or Joe, eating extra carbohydrates means weight gain. And since most Americans don’t get enough fiber or vegetables in their diets, substituting pasta with vegetables is a smart way […]

Top 5 Snacks to Enjoy Before Bed

You’ve probably heard people say that you shouldn’t eat before bedtime. This is especially true if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re attempting to do intermittent fasting. However, there are still some small snacks you can enjoy before bed that may help you sleep better. The key is to not indulge in a giant, […]

Best Foods for Stomach Issues

Sometimes we don’t think about what we put into our bodies until it’s too late, when you’re sitting on the couch feeling bloated as a balloon, or worse, crouched over the toilet just praying it will pass. If you are prone to gastrointestinal issues, consider these helpful foods that will alleviate your stomach blues. Papaya […]

5 Ingredients to Add to Your Smoothie

Smoothies are a fast and easy-to-go meal. They’re great for breakfast, quick lunch, and post-workout snacks. To get the most out of your smoothie with regard to nutrition and taste, you’ll want to put in a little something extra. Sure, mango banana smoothies are delicious, but a few extra ingredients will increase the amount of […]

The Most Hated Foods in the United States

There are certain foods out there that are known as love-hate foods. What do all these items have in common? They all have very interesting or strong flavors and that makes ambivalence difficult. Cilantro There’s a genetic component to disliking cilantro. About half the population has an olfactory receptor (something in your nose that helps […]

Must-Have Foods for Your Football Party

Football season is finally here! You might not be able to throw a large party, but you can still enjoy the finger food. Here are the top five snacks you’ll need to fully enjoy the games. Chips & Dip There’s nothing like the crunch of chips with the salty, deliciousness of cheese, salsa, or guacamole […]

Plant-Based Meat: Just A Passing Fad?

As people become more conscious of their impact on the world, interesting eating habits and diets have been popping up. In recent years, we’ve seen the rise of plant-based diets. It may have started with some documentaries. Then, there was the vegan and vegetarian section at grocery stores. Restaurants started jumping in and offering more options. […]

5 Fruits That Make You Tired

Fruits are healthy foods, but some of them help your body produce sleep-boosting chemicals. Others are so low in calories that they hydrate you, but don’t provide your body with the energy that it needs to recover (aka – sugar). Cherries These delicious fruits are high in melatonin, a chemical that increases at night and […]