Ranking the Top 5 “House Special” Fast Food Burgers

Fast Food has become as much of a culture norm in America as signing the Star Spangled Banner before a sporting event, or paying your taxes. It’s quick, it’s cheap, its tasty (for good or for ill), and they’re everywhere. Drive down any business highway and there’s a gas station, a fast food restaurant, and repeat, until you leave civilization.

Theres often debates on who is the best, who is the healthiest, what qualifies a restaurant to be a fast food restaurant, and so forth. The debates are never ending, nor are they ever settled. However, we figured we’d dive into the discussion by rating the Top 5 “In House Burgers” from the major fast food chains just to stir the proverbial pot. These are your traditional fast food drive in scenes that do not include the likes of a Five Guys or a Zinburger. We’re talking the old fashion greasy goodness, pull up, order, and go. With that said, here we go!

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