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3 Quick but Huge Reasons to Optimize your SEO

1. Cover More Ground

Keywords are king because they develop a backend directory to the internet. They aid terms and topics to interconnect at various inflection points, which in turn allows for path creation and site discovery.

By optimizing your SEO strategy, you are ensuring that your main topic is tied in to related keywords and that SEO environments maximize your site’s chances of being clicked and viewed.

2. Organic > Paid Search

We all know the stigma that exists around content labeled as an “Ad.” That’s why organic search gets more clicks on average than paid search.

By applying search engine optimization, site presentation becomes more attractive and the path to clicking more comfortable. To be fair, although organic search leads to more clicks, the environment around organic search is very competitive.

3. Competition is doing it

Mike Tyson always wanted to be the first person in the morning to begin training; he believed if he did things his comp wasn’t, he would gain the edge.

The Tyson concept works the same for SEO. If your competition is optimizing their SEO and you aren’t, they are going to reap the benefit of increased page rankings while your non-SEO site disappears in the crowd.

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